Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hello there! I hope you are having a fantastic end to your July. This year time keeps whizzing by and before you can catch a break a new month is ready to begin. As we “recover” from Obama’s visit to Kenya (hands up if you still don’t know what POTUS means, haha! Probably the most googled word last week!)and the positive effects from the GES Summit, I thought I would let you in on something remarkable that is brewing.

I have been blogging since February 2014 and for a long time I have envisioned transitioning to a full website. Transitioning into a new site would serve as an open canvas with a depth of possibility. Well, this dream is finally materialising. In celebration of this amazing feat, it is fitting to organise a launch to unveil the new site.

Proceed to mark your calendars for Saturday 29th August 2015 when we will be hosting our inaugural event dubbed “The fruition of a dream”. It will be an afternoon like no other; of unveiling the Calibrated Blossom website alongside fireside chats with stellar Kenyan personalities and culminating in a celebration of our local Kenyan music. It is an excellent opportunity for the young and upwardly mobile Kenyan to meet and rub shoulders with some of Kenya's most remarkable personalities. It is also a celebration of Kenya’s entrepreneurial culture giving a platform to fantastic businesses to showcase what their businesses have to offer.

This launch will also give us an opportunity to share the remarkable and ambitious plan to make Calibrated Blossom a brand that you and I can identify with. A brand that people between the ages of 23-35 all over the world can identify with.  I envision it as a place that people can find inspiration, be challenged, find useful advice applicable to various facets of their lives. A place where potential connections can be made, a refreshing haven, where ideas can be exchanged and birthed; a melting pot of opportunity, inspiration and possibility. I want this to be a brand that has never been seen in Kenya, Africa and the world over!!

I recently run a quick survey on my social media sites on the following question “If you could spend 30minutes in a one-on-one conversation with a Kenyan personality of your choice, who would that be and why?” It was intriguing to see the depth of responses I received and the reasons behind the choice of individual. What was amazing was that the responses cut across individuals in diverse fields; from enterprise, to corporate leaders, media personalities, political figures, bloggers, and ambassadors… the list is indeed endless. It’s great that people hold such remarkable men and women in high regard. Given the opportunity, they would be willing to spend some time in a tête-à-tête and perhaps sneak in a selfie! (You know?!) This event hopes to do just that and give you that opportunity.

Indeed it is an opportunity to celebrate the fruition of dreams.

I will be posting more event details as the date approaches, with the anticipated personalities who will be in attendance, a list of six entrepreneurs who will be showcasing their businesses and unveiling the local musical talent. Look out for the event details SOON! 
Note: In order for guests to derive ABSOLUTE value, this will ideally be a small gathering therefore limited tickets will be on sale.

2015 is indeed OUR year! Do you have a dream? Does it seem crazy? Are you going for it? If so, keep at it!


  1. Wowzers!..Congratulations lovey..Looking forward to the launch..God bless you :)


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