Friday, 8 September 2017

Have you ever felt your inner self set on fire?

Have you ever felt your inner self set on fire? Or just felt that spark in you waiting to be set ablaze?

Had you asked me, say nine months ago, where I wanted my life to be today, I would have said exactly where it is now. Back then I did not know how that was going to be possible, but I knew the life I was living wasn’t ‘it’ for me. I knew and felt that I wanted more, to be more, to experience more, to do more..

As fate would have it, I have found myself squarely here. In a space where I can define a lot in my life, where I feel like I have the power to gain back a level of control I lost. But at the same time, ironically, a place of letting go of the said control. It’s almost paradoxical right? I needed to let go of some level of structure through which I had lived my life previously. I feel that I got overly caught up in planning; setting goals, strategizing… making one year, five year, ten year goals, that I embraced too much rigidity and almost forgot to live, to take risks, to just be.

I have always been a person of timelines, of written down goals, of immense structure. Whilst this is an amazing thing, there’s a fine fine line where said rigidity robs you of life, of your sparkle..

But now, I am taking time to smell the roses, living a bit more fluidly. (Okay I won’t lie, goal setting and timelines will always be a part of in point, I just wrote up an Excel sheet of some goals I have for the rest of the year J). But, but, the difference is I am now doing it different, enjoying the process a whole lot more, putting myself under less pressure and just living. Breathing. Embracing. Loving. Being. And this side of life feels a whole lot better!

I am now getting back into blogging in a much different mind space then how I initially began. This is me, back at my centre, finding that zen. Being on fire, being alive. Challenging myself. Through the blog, I want to be able to broaden my perspective. I want to get out there, interact, engage, laugh while at it, grow.. That’s the stuff I crave for, that’s what makes my pulse beat faster.

Through the blog, I would like to be able to interact with and hopefully feature other like-minded people, of different ages, backgrounds, viewpoints, upbringing, culture.. My dream has always been to take part in programs around the world such as leadership programs, events, conferences and global events with people seeking to make an impact in any way, shape or form. I am slowly discovering some fantastic programs such as the University of Oxford- Said Business School’s Archbishop Tutu Fellowship Program (I've linked it here) and the Women Transforming Leadership Program (I've linked it here). 
Truthfully, these programs target mid-career individuals and it can seem out of reach for you or me to get a chance to ‘take a seat at the table’. However question is; how will change come about, if we young people do not boldly demonstrate why we have the ability to be a part of such amazing forums.. and like sponges; absorb, absorb and absorb! And equally so; contribute, challenge and contribute some more!

I hope to grow, to mature. To enjoy the process, express, be genuine, real, consistent and authentic. To confidently know and say that a year from now, I will be intrinsically the same person, but with more maturity, more body, more fire, more life, more depth, and certainly with bigger dreams. 

And I wish the same for you. J

Love and light


  1. Nice article, i pray that i would have bigger dreams next year and accomplish the ones i have now.

  2. Now this put a smile on my face!

  3. To be invited on the big boys table one has to act as a big boy to stand out and be very brave to make decisions that impact not only our lives but even of those around us. Hope that we can get the courage together to take on our society change its flaws and thus make it even easier for the coming generation.

    1. Couldn't have put this any better. Cheers to doing our best to get there, every day!

  4. "....And equally so; contribute, challenge and contribute some more"...We only need dare and leap forth. Great read.

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