Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Upcoming Series of Interviews you don't want to miss!

After writing the post on the Top 40 Women under 40, I thought to myself: why can’t I set out to interview at least half, if not two thirds of the women featured in this year’s list. The beauty is their stories have elements that you or I could relate to- whether you are male or female. It’s about the struggles, pitfalls, the tough choices they had to make along the way, the ups and downs… all of that and then some. Of course with plenty of bits and bobs of fun thrown in there :)
Wouldn’t you want to read their stories? Wouldn’t you want to get a glimpse into their lives?
In that spirit, for the next few months I would like to run a series of interviews on the blog. The first set of interviews will focus on the Top 40 women. The next set of interviews will seek to feature men and women who have successfully scaled the corporate ladder and those running successful businesses(that could be an individual running a company with a regional footprint or a successful 'mama mboga' who has been running her small enterprise successfully). In addition I would also like to interview young people who have just began their careers or those who have chosen to take the entrepreneurship route; individuals with resounding and unstoppable zeal. This mix will provide a bridge that will hopefully help people realize that their dreams are attainable and nothing can stop them from turning their dreams into reality.
This has been my dream for this blog; conducting interviews, inspiring and encouraging a change in mindset. The definition of success varies among people; I believe there is no one standard to judge a successful man from an unsuccessful one. But whatever a young person's definition of success may be, I would like to spur them in the direction of their dreams.
Well, that is my challenge for the next few months; and the challenge is definitely accepted.
Would you like to join me through this amazing journey? Sit back, relax and lets go on this journey together.
Chasing perfection,



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