Thursday, 12 February 2015

20-something lessons in my 23years.. Take 1!

Hey there!

So tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY and I am super excited! *scream!*

I am currently in Somalia (yes, yes I am quite fine and safe, hehe!). I am here for a work engagement and I was supposed to take a flight back this morning but unfortunately the flights were fully booked. It looks like I will be spending my birthday in this lovely place. Check out this photo of me in a buibui, you can call me Miss Amina. LOL! Funny enough the locals actually believe I’m Somali, they don’t think I’m Kenyan. HAHA! Anyway I digress!

So I thought this post would be ideal on the Eve of my birthday. I think I am the type of person that makes a huge deal out of events like birthdays, weddings, graduations etc etc… that’s just me.
This series of posts will probably be some of my more “revealing” posts, but I think its fitting. Its also great for you to get to know a little about me. So here goes, 23 lessons and experiences:

1. Its okay to fail

I have failed in many things...Moreso I have failed in things I thought I was good at, struggled in things that would previously have come naturally.. but that’s part of the painful process of growth.

2. Disappointments in life are fine.
I have disappointed my loved ones one too many times. There are certainly  things I thought I wish I could take back, words said, actions done…but I have learnt that’s its okay. Perfectly okay. What matters is the sincerity in making amends, and having a laugh about it later.

3. Health is SO important.
I can not stress this enough. My work mentor once told me that “we all juggle so many, work, life, friendships..and it goes on. Sometimes its tough but there’s really one ball you CAN NOT afford to drop, and that’s your health” Think about it.
Well I must admit in my hussle and bussle I have let that ball slip sometimes. Worst part is when your body says “YO, I need a break” its either you listen or it’s downhill. So yes, take care of your health.

4. Friendships.

This is a TOUGH one. Really, it is. Reason is I have gained so many friends this year, remained close with my life-long ones and sadly lost touch with some friends. I believe its a metamorphosis; where I needed space to really step back and think, what kind of friend do I want to be? And consequently, what kind of friends do I want to have?My sister constantly tells me” It is not in the number, but in the quality”. Its not in the happy times but in the difficult; not in the mutual areas of interest you share, but in letting each other metamorphosise, grow, come into your own and still understand and remain true friends.
So yes, its being a year of discovery.. a year of understanding and being understood…and its still a work in progress.

5.Love is a beautiful thing.
*tralalala* Love is amazing, really it is. I am not talking about that kind of puppy love, but the love that lies in understanding your partner, sometimes fighting and really going at it with them, growing, discovering and loving. I thank God daily for my amazing boyfriend. Every day with him really is a gift, I couldn’t have found a more imperfectly perfect man in him; a soul mate.

6. Confidence.
Its okay to go up to a perfect stranger who you have been meaning to talk to, introduce yourself and prove to them why they should spare just five minutes of their time. No really, its fine. Reason I say this is because that’s exactly what I do with my blog. It requires me to approach my prospective amazing interviewees, briefly tell them about the blog and ask if they would like to be a part of it. 

Well, its not entirely as easy. Sometimes its difficult to even track them down.. Sometimes I don’t get responses, or they may take a long time, but I can tell you for the most part it WORKS! I cant stress this enough. Infact the fabulous Magdalene Mulandi, Top 40 woman, told me “You are 5 people away from the person you want to meet, even if it’s the President” All you need to do is get out there!

7.Family means the world to me.
I am from a small family. Its been great growing up in a nice tight-knit family. In fact that is what I want for my children (yeah, I absolutely CAN NOT wait to be a mum..).  Also, my extended family is very close. I have amazing grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. 

Growing up I have always treasured Christmas time. My last Christmas this past December was really amazing. We spent time in Murang’a (shagz). We literally had an itinerary for the whole time. We arrived on 24th December, sang songs and just had fun that night and at midnight cut our Christmas cake and sung carols. The next day was the HIGHLIGHT you guys! We went to church, had a bountiful Christmas lunch together, had a photo session (why not?) and played games..I mean ALL sorts of games..from musical chairs, tug-of-war, sack race, skipping, pass the name it. And EVERYBODY was involved, no age restrictions at all. That will be etched in my memory FOREVER.

 .....thank you for reading.. see YOU in part two! :)


  1. Everytime I read your blog it's refreshing. I see growth and Maturity I'm so proud of you. And yes you look like one of the Somali's I think its a good camouflage. Bring some camels for us😊

    1. Thanks Lindah, and for always reading. I'm bringing a whole herd :-)

  2. Definitely see you in part two...

    Great stuff,
    Can't believe it is only 23 though..... ;) :D

    1. haha thank you Emmah. you are super supportive, and yea JUST 23!

  3. Nice read...indeed refreshing. Happy birthday

  4. Lydia...definitely waiting for part two. Happy birthday my you grow, so do the lessons. Keep on being kind, ur one of the kindest people I know, and whenever I needed your help,you were always there for me. Know that I never took that for granted. Asante. Enjoy ur birthday Amina :)

    1. Thank you so much Stella..that is so kind of you. Don't mention it, that's what friends are for :-)

  5. Intriguing stuff right here.keep up the good work.lessons are there to be learnt and remember you can also learn from others mistakes.Happy birthday!!

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