Sunday, 1 March 2015

Chanda chema

 Hey there!

Happy new month loves!
February was one of those up and down months..but I am pretty excited for the new month.

This post is specifically for the ladies! Sorry gents :) 
I want to kickstart your month with a bang, a FABULOUS bang at that.

“…Quite often young ladies see each other as competition instead of sisters. Rarely, do you ever find ladies coming together to invest in a common business venture. Our counterparts however do this so often, and that continues to give them power. Young ladies need to have thirst for power, strength, financial security, respect and independence on the society.”Young, wild & free” we are.Why are girls in competition?Let us  root for each other!"

I hope those words have a profound effect on you. Take a moment and read them again. 

And then proceed to mark your calendars on Saturday March 14th 2015. I would like to  invite you to an event titled “Chanda Chema”.

Pull out that gorgeous sun hat, slip into that beautiful sundress& come and enjoy cocktails and cheeky chit chat on various aspects of life. From relationships, friendships, sex, careers, travel , savings ,investments, fashion & family…you name it! There will also be a chance to enjoy a taste of our local fashion with amazing things on sale.

Details of the event are:
Event Name:”Chanda Chema”
Event Venue: Pawa 254 Roof Top on State House Road
Event Date:Saturday March 14th 2015
Event time:1:30-4:30pm
Event Price:Ksh.800
Ticket purchase: Ticketsasa or call 0706 444 443 

And guess what?! I’ll be speaking at the event and I would love to see YOU there! It’s my first event to attend as a speaker so I am SUPER EXCITED!
Hurry and get a ticket before the slots run out. Trust me, you really don't want to miss this!

Chasing perfection

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